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05th OF November

Ideas For Your Next Extension

Home extensions offer a range of solutions to modern living that were simply not taken into account 30, 40, 50, or even a 100 years ago. Providing better access to views, opening up space, and ensuring a more comfortable and friendly environment, home extensions are often unique to the home the are being built on. As can be seen with Geelong builders, specific home aesthetics often require nuanced approaches that at time blend in perfect or radically contradict the existing aesthetic. Below we go into some examples of what you can do to solve the extension problems that may come up as you modernize your home.

Bringing The Home Back To The Land

A common aesthetic on post WWII homes is to have the house above the front and backyard. Separated by several feet, it creates the aesthetic of the home being an island of development in the middle of the property. A popular use of extensions is to return the home to the level of the land there by making the garden more accessible as well as an active part of the overall home aesthetic. This can be completed with the inclusion of a tiered deck in the back, or an extension that lowers a room in the house to ground level to provide direct access.

 Building Out Instead of Up

More often than not, individuals consider extensions to their home on the second floor. While this is a great way to add room without expanding the footprint of the home, a less expensive option would be to rework the existing backyard space to include an outward extension. The surprising thing about building out is that it can often compliment and even improve smaller backyard spaces. These extensions can often be of a different style than the house itself, providing you the homeowner with more options when it comes to designing and implementing your ideal outdoor space. This brings us to our final point…

The Juxtaposition Of Styles

It has been canon for decades to keep the aesthetic style of a house uniform. However, with home additions in Geelong and beyond, there is a revolution of juxtaposing the original style with an addition that is so different that the two compliment rather than detract from one another. A common way to do this is through a minimalist extension that exposes the underlying supports and emphasizes broad surfaces over exterior decoration. Together with any home, the final aesthetic is impressive.