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Build a Deck, Patio or Porch with Trenic

28th OF March

Deck Builders Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula; What better way is there to celebrate the beautiful weather than enjoying it in the comfort of your own backyard? You can make the view of your garden even better with the addition of custom-built decking and porches.

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No matter what season it is, it is always a good time to call Trenic commercial and residential builders to request a quote for a new patio or deck. They will help you design the perfect outside area.

What a Deck or Patio Can Add to Your Home

Making the outside of your home as comfortable and beautiful as the interior will not only make you and the whole family happy, it will set your entire property at an advantage when it comes to resale.

If you are interested in what a porch or quality decking can do to elevate your property and enhance your busy lifestyle, give Trenic commercial and residential builders a call. We have been in the business of building star-quality decking and porches for many years and know how a custom-built outside deck brings added-value to your home.

Some of the services a carpenter specializing in home improvements will provide are:

  • Single and multi-level decks
  • Pergolas
  • Metal railings
  • Composite decking

There are two words that are very important when it comes to choosing a deck builder: Qualified and Quality. Because the finished product looks so effortlessly professional and polished, it is sometimes easy to forget that many years of experience are needed to craft the perfect deck or porch.

When you are looking for a qualified deck builder, choose one who knows how to help you pick the perfect design, materials, and placement.

Once you have found the ideal placement and wood selection for your structure, your deck builder contractor will set about ensuring that the construction of your installation is as attractive as you hoped for. No matter which garden or backyard lifestyle enhancement you require, your Home Improvement expert must deliver the highest quality custom decking in your choice of composite, standard or exotic timbers.

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A custom-design metal railing can give your backyard the finishing touch. What could be more desirable than a pergola in your garden in which to spend sultry summer days? Think about these finishing touches.

Deck Builders Geelong & the Bellarine Peninsula One-of-a-Kind Decks and Patios

You want your home to look as unique as possible; no one wants a cookie-cutter, mass produced-looking exterior for their property.

One-of-a-kind custom deck design and layout is definitely something that will make your home stand out. Be guided by any suggestion the contractor makes on where the porch or deck will be located, how many levels will be best suited to the needs and convenience of your family, and whether exotic, standard, and composite woods are most suitable.

For example, you can decide to make your backyard or garden more of a showpiece, entertainment area, or family-oriented place of relaxation. The next thing is to choose whether it will be freestanding (also called a ground level or floating deck in the trade) or attached to the building.

A freestanding deck will be an ideal choice if it is going to be put into service around other popular outdoor features such as pools, hot tubs, fire-pits, or as access to a vegetable or herb garden. An attached deck that is seamlessly added onto your home’s exterior walls is a more complicated structural enhancement, as building codes have strict guidelines that are enforced.

A professional deck builder will ensure that all the plans, codes, and building inspections are submitted. You have no need to worry about access to any water or electrical portals being blocked off or dangerous construction methods being used. Professional, expert builders take pride in delivering the best service to you from the moment you call them through to the last piece of building fragment being picked up when they leave!

A deck is a durable, long-lasting structure that will add value to your home and bring comfort and enjoyment to you and your family.

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Screen Porches & More

When the result of your patio addition is so positive, think about other five-star home improvement structures such as screen porches, bespoke pergolas, unique-style metal railings in many varieties of exotic woods and styles.

Materials of Choice for Your New Deck

There is a wide variety of materials from which to choose when selecting a custom deck or porch. Interested in the low maintenance and durability of composite decks? Or are you a fan of the gorgeous romance and glow of an all-wood deck?

Trenic Deck Builders Geelong & the Bellarine Peninsula

Whatever your choice, Trenic commercial and residential builders can construct the deck, porch, and pergola that you have been dreaming to have in your home and garden.

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