Top Surprising Considerations When Remodelling Your Bathroom


Top Surprising Considerations When Remodelling Your Bathroom

31st OF January

Bathroom remodelling Geelong and the Surfcoast; 2021 might be a good year for you to consider having your bathroom remodelled. Here are some things that are not the average request for the homeowner, but will lead to you getting the bathroom of your dreams.

Bathroom remodelling Geelong and the Surfcoast what to consider

• Plumbing

Plumbing in the typical residence is usually with 1.5-inch pipes. These are pretty useless when you consider the amount of debris and sluice water that goes down them. All that hair and gunk can build up quickly and result in the tiresome chore of a weekly or monthly manual unclogging if you have 2-inch pipes installed while remodelling, the lines will not clog up as fast and may never even clog at all.

• Lighting

Bathrooms are used for some reasonably high maintenance grooming procedures. Recessed lighting fixtures along the ceiling attached to a dimmer switch can help you control the lighting in your bathroom while still able to see when it counts.

• Recessed Medicine Cabinets

A great way to save on space encroachment in the bathroom is to request recessed cabinets when you renovate. It will not add much to the average bathroom remodel costs and is a handy way of hiding all the bottles and packets.

• Wall Hung Toilets

These fixtures are the perfect way of giving your bathroom a complete modern makeover as they are no longer priced to break the bank. They make cleaning so much easier and save on space.

• Shower Windows

Showers with access to a garden view or even ones hidden away in the garden itself are the latest bathroom trend set to be with us for a long time. It is fitted with a frosted glass panel for those times when privacy is required. When it is convenient, the window opens up to freshen the room and adds dimension to the shower experience.

One thing to check your bathroom remodeler knows is that the shower window area is watertight; This is especially important in areas where it is not summer all year round, and the winters come in with a vengeance. The sill must be sloped to allow for proper drainage and repel mould. Make sure the window model is a tilt and turn one, with metal or plastic handles.

• Shower Sills

While on the sills topic in the bathroom, check that every sill in the shower area is tilted to avoid moisture and damp from accumulating. Grouting is very prone to water seepage, so try to choose a reliable material for those areas such as quartz or stone.

• Tiled Floors

Before choosing a tile and pattern for your bathroom, remember to do your research first; This is necessary to ensure that you have not selected a potential slippery deathtrap as a tile surface.

• Storage

While remodelling, it is the perfect time for you to install as much bathroom storage space as you need, so don’t forget to have a cupboard installed to house the toilet paper.

Bathroom remodelling Geelong and the Surfcoast

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