Trenic Geelong Luxury Custom Home Builders


Trenic Geelong Luxury Custom Home Builders

01st OF February

Luxury home builders Geelong; The decision has been made and you are going to build a custom home – with a few luxury items thrown in of course! The next step is to find and engage a custom builder who will share the journey with you to achieve your final goal – your dream home designed just for you and your family. Trenic Construction and Building can assist you as they deliver a wide range of custom home services. These services are:

  • Deck and outdoor living
  • Sub-division
  • Townhouse
  • Heritage renovations
  • Extension construction
  • Sloping block specialist

Your next decision may be whether to renovate or extend your existing home or build a new one. You may choose to give your cherished existing home some love and attention – breathing new life into an old gem. Maybe it’s time for a completely fresh start – new location, new custom home. Whichever option you choose, it’s also time to add some luxury to your surroundings!  There is nothing like a few high-end touches to make a home stand out from the crowd. People expect to find some luxury in a custom home – after all if you have gone to all of the trouble to design and build a custom home you will want to add those things that make life easier and make a big impression on people! Trent Comelli from Trenic Construction and Building is an experienced custom builder who is experienced in the sourcing and installation of luxury fittings and features. Choosing and installing unique and premium quality fittings in your home can be a very worthwhile investment.

New homes may be custom built to incorporate luxury into their chosen style. The end result being a unique property that meets all of your desires. Your home will have all functionality incorporated into its design. Trenic Construction and Building can achieve this for you by utilising up-to-date construction methods and materials. Your new luxury custom home will have increased efficiency, whilst meeting all required building ratings. The most important point is that you are creating your own haven that you will be happy to come home to each night!

Remodelling of an existing home in a sought-after location can be an extremely wise investment, as well as a perfect solution for people who wish to stay in a much-loved home and location. Adding high quality luxurious features that complement an existing space can breathe some much-needed new life into a home. The outcome can be stunning – what was once a tired, dull space is now a vibrant and inviting part of your home that is once again being utilised to its full potential. That wonderful blend of original features with luxurious fittings and features can add substantial value to a property in an established, well-serviced area.

High end custom homes will always be highly sought after due to their unique style. Luxury speaks of high quality, comfort, efficiency, but most importantly, indulgence! People who choose to build luxury homes invest much time, thought and money into their homes. A luxury home is a person’s most treasured reward!

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