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01st OF February

Embrace The Slope With These Creative Home Solutions

Sloping block builders Geelong; Nothing quite inspires architects and builders like a home built on a sloped property. Providing countless opportunities for new and exciting design aesthetics, the slope of the property presents innumerable challenges that can seem impossible to overcome. However, when done correctly, you will be amazed at the visual masterpieces that can be created. For those willing to take on the challenge, the sloped home represents incredible opportunity.

A Quick Note On Types Of Slope

If you are interested in building a home on sloped land, then the first thing you will want to do is identify the slope. There are two major kinds. The first is a slope that extends up and above the road. With this slope, the mass of the home will be present and there may be challenges in making it less overbearing. The second slope extends down and away from the road. This slope will often present you with a diminished front aesthetic and challenging (yet rewarding) design potential for access to the backyard. As you can see, sloping towards or away can make a big difference.

Inclusion Into Nature

A popular aesthetic for homes sloping away are roofs that include the natural aesthetic of the ground. Creating a tiered organic look that blends the home into the landscape around it, you end up creating outdoor accessible spaces on the roofs of lower levels further down the hill. The end result can be stunning.

Exclusion With Nature

You can do away with the slope entirely by evening out the land. A popular option for those homes built on slopes facing away from the road, the technique often involves making landscape terraces that make the home appear as if it is a castle, built above the land and protected.

Creating a piece of Art

For homes with a hill facing the road, the front of the home becomes a key aesthetic worth considering. Some entrepreneurial designers have gone as far as to turn the front of these homes into dynamic shapes that resemble pieces of artwork. Embracing the curved line and adding a unique appearance, you can create a home that seemingly comes to life, sprouting from the hill itself.

Minimizing Impact

Another technique worth considering is those that minimize the impact on the surrounding land. These often include homes that are built on stilts and supports. Instead of being built into the hill, they seem to float above it, seemingly detached from the landscape around them.

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