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Decking & Outdoor Living

Decking and outdoor living

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Bringing the Outside In

This is where life is at. Outdoor living is integral to the Australian lifestyle. Laid back and soaking up the sun. Or, cold drinks flowing and relaxing in the warm evening air.

There is nothing quite like being able to host a group of mates for a lively afternoon BBQ gathering. And, then talking and laughing outside, well into the night.

Is this still just a dream for you? Do you like the idea of summer BBQs, but no idea where to start. Trenic Construction and Building is a local Geelong builder with plenty of experience in outdoor make-overs. We can help you unlock the possibilities and bring your dream to life.

You will never look back once you finally take the plunge and invest in an outdoor living area. It will enhance the value of your home and add plenty of enjoyment to your leisure time.

In the summer months, a well-designed decking or outdoor area can truly be the main living space of your home. Small or large, it can totally transform how you use your home and garden.

More than just decking

Outdoor living is about more than just putting down a decking surface. A custom designed outdoor living space can incorporate many attractive and functional features.

For maximum versatility add some covering to your deck area. Anything from full verandas to pergolas or overhead shade sails can be constructed.

Maintain your privacy or divide your space with some well-placed screens. Think of incorporating contemporary perforated metal screens, or using thin horizontal timber slats.

Balustrades and railing will be required wherever your decking is raised. These can be minimal and contemporary with simple wires or, beautiful traditional carved balustrades with decorative post cap lighting features. Consider a metal railing system with subtle strip lighting.

Benches and planter boxes

Add some sleek benches around the edge of your space. Make sure there is always a place to rest and look out on the world. And, enough seating to go around when you have a full house.

Be clever with your design and think about tucking some storage space underneath too.

Well placed planters will bring some greenery close by. The green leaves soften and contrast nicely with warm timber boards. Planters at the sides of some wide steps are a lovely transition into your garden space.

Luxury entertaining essentials

Are you looking to create a decking or outdoor living area that will truly impress? Do you want all the standard features and some luxury details as well?

Trenic Construction and Building is one of the top high-end builders Geelong has. We design and install complex and sophisticated decking and outdoor living solutions.

Are you the big entertainer? Take your outdoor living to a new level by adding a full custom al fresco kitchen.

Imagine a grand hooded 6-burner BBQ, big enough to prepare food for a troop of hungry mouths. A granite bench top. Underneath you can have a bar fridge and some cupboards for all the outdoor cooking supplies. Add a sink right there for easy food prep and clean-up.

The is truly the pinnacle of outdoor entertaining.

Is your idea of outdoor luxury a little more relaxed? You could opt for an outdoor hot tub. If you already have a pool or spa area, give them a revamp with new decking areas and pathways which link to your house.

Decking timbers and beyond

Timber is the traditional decking material of choice. A warm, richly stained teak, merbau or spotted gum is natural and will blend seamlessly into the surrounds.

Do you have your eye on better durability and performance? An outdoor deck that will stay in top condition for a lifetime? You can now also select from a wide range of composite decking options.

Many of these are very low maintenance, and have additional benefits like being slip resistant and stain resistant. What you can get is the same classic look of timber decking, but with some technological improvements which take it beyond timber.

Composite decking is often a good environmentally friendly alternative.

We can help you assess the options and what is right for your home. The choice is yours.

Trenic Construction and Building is an outdoor make-over specialist

Talk to us about your outdoor living vision. Whether it is a grand entertainment area, or a tiny secluded oasis, we can create the prefect outdoor area for you.

We will discuss with you exactly what you want out of your outdoor living. Then find a solution within budget. We know exactly how to achieve a quality look and functionality within your environment.


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