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Extensions and Renovations Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast

Feeling like you need a little more room to spread out? Struggling to keep your sanity in an out-of-date kitchen with ageing appliances? Renovating or extending your property might be the best answer for you.

From updating a tired bathroom or adding an extra living room or bedroom to a full-scale redesign and layout of your home, Trenic Building and Construction will expertly assist you with your Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula or Surf Coast home renovation.

When you are settled into and enjoy the location where you live, it makes sense to work with what you have. You can stay in the local community you know, and school routines and work travel do not need to be rethought.

Lifestyles and technology have shifted over time, and older houses are often not able to meet our contemporary needs. There are countless opportunities to update and improve the functionality of a home by adding things that we all now come to expect. At the same time, you will be increasing the value of your home and have the chance to rethink how you occupy the space on your block.

With a little creativity, remarkable and unexpected transformations are possible. Think about bringing a tired and somewhat cramped 70s house into the 21st Century with a modern and complete overhaul.

It is not just your family home that could benefit. Renovating and refitting is also a great way to add value and appeal to an investment property.

For your house in Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula or Surf Coast, Trenic Building and Construction offers you a fully personalised service from initial consultation and assessment through to renovation design and construction. You will receive a completely customised solution which carefully responds to all your requirements and priorities.

What you need to think about when planning an extension or renovation

A well thought out extension or renovation starts with a full assessment of your current home and writing down what you hope to achieve. There is a lot to consider to pull it together.

We will assist you in making sense of where on your site it is best to extend, and what kind of additions will work well to meet your needs. Additionally, we will advise you on how to maximise the opportunities of your property, such as light, views and the overall site plan. It is important to also consider to what extent the existing house style should be respected. Or, if a complete update is in order.

Building technologies and the use of passive design elements have both improved. Take advantage of this and create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home that you will love.

Adding new rooms and new possibilities

As families grow and priorities shift, adding extra rooms is often at the top of the list of reasons to undertake a renovation project.

You will be amazed at how much difference some additional space can make. New possibilities to change the layout of your kitchen, dining and living room can also emerge. Adding a bedroom or a study to accommodate new arrivals will take the pressure off other areas of the home.

There are essentially two directions you can go – up or out. You may immediately think of going up to provide you with a brand-new master suite, plus study area. However, not all homes or locations would be suitable for this, so in many cases extending out along the ground is the best option. Imagine opening up your kitchen and adding a large casual living room with timber floors and full height glass openings. An existing lounge area can be converted to another bedroom or updated to be a quieter, more formal gathering space.

Whether building a second storey or moving further into your yard space is right for you will depend on your home, its features and context, as well as your priorities. Both options have the potential to alter the layout of your home dramatically.

Exterior Renovations

You may be prompted to renovate by the desire to update your interior and replace worn and outdated fittings. However, don’t fail to overlook the exterior. If the inside feels in need of rejuvenation, there will certainly be some exterior areas which need attention as well. Window frames, roofing and exterior finishes may need to be repaired or replaced.

Think about your home overall and how to create a unified and coherent look. In most cases, some exterior renovation work will need to be completed to complement the interior update.

A facelift to the facade and creation of a new contemporary entry porch will make you even more excited to enter your newly renovated home. New external cladding or rendering of brickwork and the addition of verandah or balcony spaces can refresh and add functionality to the house.

Do not neglect possibilities to really take your outdoor living spaces to a new level. A reconfigured floor plan could allow one or more courtyard gardens to be introduced. A central courtyard could effectively become another room, with a seamless flow of indoor-outdoor spaces; This can breathe new life into your social calendar and be a better use of space than a large open and underutilised backyard.

Extensions and renovations Geelong the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast

Trenic Building and Construction is one of the best renovation and extension builders in the Geelong region. We have the expertise and qualified team to extend and renovate your home with exceptional quality.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and start making your renovation vision a reality.


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