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Trenic Construction and Building the Sloping block specialists Geelong the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast. So, you have your eye on a lovely sloping block? Fantasizing about a house on a hill? Or, maybe a glorious view has stolen your heart and you have already purchased your dream block.

When it comes to designing a home, a sloping block can really get the imagination fired up. This is generally not the time to grab a standard off-the rack house design and simply drop it onto the site. Instead it is a great opportunity for a unique and impressive home to be created.

Think about having breakfast, or an evening wine sitting on an outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean. Or, waking up to a beautiful valley landscape viewed through your full height glass windows. With no privacy concerns to distract you.

Yes, there will be some constraints, and it may not be straight forward. But, the results can be spectacular. With all the possibilities, it is good to keep an open mind when approaching a sloping block project.

Up for the challenge? We are.

Expertise counts when building a house on a slope

There are builders who will shy away from sloping blocks. Others may build on a site that is not too steep and only occasionally.

Don’t settle for this. Trenic Construction and Building are one of the best builders in Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast and sloping block specialists. We have the knowledge and practical experience to complete high quality work on time for even the most challenging sites.

Getting the foundations plus site drainage right is crucial, and our expertise will see it is executed properly. There are a range of specialist skills and equipment required to build a house on a slope, and your project is in safe hands with our team.

Talking to a building specialist early is important to ensure all ideas are feasible. We work with architects, engineers and surveyors to bring your creative vision to a functional and structurally sound reality.

Planning your house on a sloping block

To make the most of a site your house should be designed to work with the lay of the land. A house which is sympathetic to the land is one which flows with the landscape and uses it to inform the design. It will allow you to maximise the views, bring natural light in, and properly consider access points and impact on the land.

The layout of your home will significantly depend on whether you approach the site from the low end of the slope, or enter it from the top. You may even access from the side of the slope. It is quite a different feel to enter a home that flows out down a hill before you, compared to walking up to a house from the lower side. In the second instance the structure will have a more imposing presence.

An approach from the top of your site could allow you to walk right out onto the building roof, as a seamless continuation of the ground. Grass and all. Or, you could incorporate a gangway style bridge to cross and reach your front door.

Cutting in or building out

There are two main ways that a home can sit on a slope. It can nestle in low against the earth. Or, it can extend out from the land.

To tuck into the site, the land is cut in to create flat spaces which allow the house to fit. In the second case tall metal or wooden pillars support the building from underneath. Or, a room could dramatically cantilever out from the rest of the home.

Which one is right will depend on the context of your block, and other characteristics of the site. How close are your neighbours, and how have they built? Where are the best views? What vegetation is on the site and surrounding area?

A house on stilts will also allow a more minimal impact on the land. And, can be perfect to work around rocky outcrops that would be difficult to excavate.

We can help you strike the right balance between moving earth around to fit an ideal home, and fitting a home to the existing site conditions. We aim to retain the special features and maximise the characteristics of the site. The ideal solution may incorporate elements of both methods.

Styles of homes for a sloping block

A very steep slope is going to call for a different building solution to a gentle slope.

A split-level home is one where the floor levels are offset from each other. Imagine entering on a level with the main living spaces, then you take a short flight of stairs up to the private bedroom areas. There may also be another level offset below with entertainment, storage areas or garage.

Where a ceiling stays at a single height and the floor drops away below to new levels, some dramatic high ceilings and truly individual spaces can be built. Unique opportunities for study nooks and reading corners open up.

On steeper sites a multiple storey house might be the best option. There may be a single storey on the high side and two or three levels on the lower side of the site.

One interesting solution for a sloping block is to create a nest of pods, or blocks which follow the contours of the site. Consider tucking some courtyard spaces or gardens between the blocks to bring light and nature into the plan.

Sloping Block Specialists Geelong the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast

Contact Trenic Construction and Building to discuss your sloped building site in Geelong or surrounds. We can evaluate the block, give you some realistic options, and work with you to achieve the best solution for your needs.


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