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Trenic Builders - Aged Care & Units
Trenic Builders – Aged Care & Units
Unit and aged care developments Geelong the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast. Are you looking for an outstanding and competent construction partner for a residential unit development?

As a highly regarded Geelong builder, Trenic Building and Construction has extensive experience to work with you on anything from facility upgrades to taking on ambitious new unit development projects. We can undertake both design and construction on your project, but are also well-equipped to manage and work on architect documented projects, or tenders.

We understand that unit developments must achieve a range of business, strategic and operational values for our clients. Practical issues of budget, design, project management and construction come to the fore. However, we are also sensitive to and keep an eye on the end-user experience of our projects.

We coordinate with a variety of contractors to deliver high quality residential spaces which are functional and easy to maintain, as well as within an affordable budget.

Passive design and full site planning for sustainable outcomes

In planning a development we consider the site as a whole, and design responsibly for its context. We believe that principles of environmental design should be integrated in unit developments as a high priority. This is achieved using passive solar design, and taking into account a combination of orientation, sun shading, site topography and vegetation, plus waste management.

Attention to these areas can have a significant positive impact on the ongoing running costs of an aged care facility, as well as increasing the comfort of residents. For residential units, it is a key selling point for apartment buyers. And, ultimately the tenants, who are attracted by the prospect of lower bills and the knowledge they are minimising their carbon footprint.

Site landscaping and the integration of garden and outdoor areas form a further crucial aspect of this. They are also important for resident quality of life, social engagement and can be key points for community connection.

Units and multi-residential developments

Planning on a subdivision? Considering a townhouse development? Or maybe you have a larger apartment block in mind.

We can assist you to assess your options and maximise the development opportunity for your site. All developments will be subject to council approval and it is crucial to speak with an experienced design and construction team in the initial stages of the project development process. Consulting at the beginning will ensure everything runs smoothly, help minimise delays, identify and manage problems earlier, and ensure a better final outcome.

Aged care facilities

It is no longer the case that aged care facilities are a drab and basic affair. The market and consequently developments are more sophisticated than ever. For a facility to be successful, it needs to deliver real amenity and quality of life for the residents. You will no longer get away with only providing a few simple communal lounge areas.

The style of building is also adjusting as our cities grow. You are increasingly likely to see retirement living which is a multi-storey development, as opposed to a sprawl of single level blocks. This brings additional challenges for developers and operators.

We are well versed in the regulatory requirements, and offer cost-effective solutions which still provide high quality luxury facilities. It is important to create an environment in which the care and support of residents is prioritised. And, a design that recognises residents have a variety of differing accommodation and care needs which have to be met.

Aged care facilities are not only places of accommodation, but also workplaces and businesses. We recognise that for a facility to be sustainable and successful, it must be designed to be staffed and run efficiently.

Unit and Aged Care Developments Geelong the Bellarine and Surf Coast

Trenic Construction and Building can consult and advise you on not only meeting, but exceeding all these demands. We are up-to-date with the latest trends in the Geelong the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast market and have the expertise to bring aged care developments to completion with a high level of precision and efficiency.

With extensive experience completing a range of multi-residential and aged care units, Trenic Building and Construction have established an excellent team to deliver the results you need.

Call us today to arrange a consultation to build your unit development in Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula or along the Surf Coast.


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