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Custom Built Homes

Custom Built Homes

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The Art of a Custom Built Home

So you have decided to embark on the journey of creating your perfect home. One that suits your family. Allows you to live the way you want. And, not be crammed into any old standard off the rack housing.

What you are after is a truly unique home. A place that has been designed with your family’s style and personality in mind. A home that you can live comfortably in.

Ultimately, you want to create a place where you truly feel ‘at home’. That thought alone is pretty exciting.

Trenic Construction and Building knows how important creating personalised spaces is. We are one of the best custom builders Geelong has. We understand everyone has their own vision of home, and the strong desire to bring that into reality.

Your ideal new home might be perched on a coastal outcrop. Do you envisage it in natural stone and timbers, unobtrusively blending harmoniously with the environment?

Maybe you are seeking to make a bold statement? Or, to create a modernist inspired minimal geometric home which doesn’t look out of place next to its period house neighbours?

Working with a custom home builder

When you work with Trenic Construction and Building as your custom home builder you are taping into our years of expertise. We will take the time to talk to you. Get to know all your requirements and quirks.

We understand what to do when you tell us you must have a sewing room and plenty of space to house your extensive wine collection. Or, that you want a grand sweeping curved entry.

It is never only you and your family’s preferences to consider. We will visit your site to understand the location and surrounds which also inform your new home. Which is the best direction for your living room to face? How can the wonderful views be maximised for enjoyment? These are important points for aesthetic reasons as well as to maximise daylight and shading, plus achieve efficient cooling and heating solutions.

We don’t have a list of standard floor plans to simply pull out and offer you. Every home we build is unique. We pride ourselves in being at the service of your vision and bringing it to fruition with exceptional quality.

We will gather your requests and preferences. Plus add all the relevant site information. Then, we work with you to craft a tailored home. You will receive plans and visualisations to immediately give you a feel for the design.

Adjustments, updates and developments on the initial proposal are all part of the service.

How to choose from so many building options?

You don’t have to wait for all the perfect ideas to hit. It is alright if you don’t have a vision for everything yet. Or, do you have too many ideas for some rooms?

Trenic Construction and Building can help you sort out your thoughts and vision. Fill in the gaps where you aren’t sure. Narrow down the options to what is functional, practical and within budget.

There is a lot to balance and get right in a home. We understand how to incorporate the latest technologies and up-to date materials. Plus, we can create the aesthetic you desire and complete it in a timely manner.

We are also very in touch with how people use and inhabit their spaces. Our designs will always be responsive to your specific needs.

Professional advice and construction for new builds, renovations, and extensions

Whether you have an existing property you want to renovate, a small house that you want to extend, or plans to build a brand new home, Trenic Construction and Building can work for you.

Living in a beautiful, but tired period home? Talk to us about a sensitive and innovative renovation design. You will be amazed what a new bathroom, updated kitchen and a few freshened period details will make.

Is your current home bursting at the seams with your growing family and lifestyle? Adding a new living room, an extra bedroom, or a study retreat can really take some pressure off. It is a great way to add value and take your home to a new level.

Perhaps you are unsure whether your current property is suitable for an extension, or if you should remove it and start anew. We can take a look and give you expert advice on the possibilities and best course of action.

We know the rules too. As a high end custom builder in Geelong we understand the local planning regulations. We can take charge and ensure your project runs smoothly through planning, approval, construction and completion.

Call us to start the process of creating your dream home.


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