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The kitchen is so often the beating heart of a home. People come and go, and it can be filled with pulses of activity throughout the day. It is a gathering place as much as a space to get things done. So, your kitchen must be a place you enjoy being. 

From a quick coffee and breakfast, plus packing lunches in the morning, to the nightly mealtime, or grand special occasions with all-day preparation, your kitchen has to be up to the task. 

Feeling frustrated with your current kitchen? It might be time for a serious kitchen makeover. To pull it out and create one that truly works for you. Or, perhaps you are planning your new dream kitchen in a custom-built home in Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula or Surf Coast.

Kitchens are a concentration of many components coming together. So, it is no surprise that they are typically the most expensive room in the house. Smart design decisions and advice on the right materials to suit your budget and vision are key to a successful kitchen design. 

Trenic Building and Construction is ready to help you achieve the perfect kitchen renovation or new kitchen installation. 

Think about the shape of your kitchen

Kitchens tend to follow a few common forms. These describe the basic layout of the cabinets and bench space. From U-shapes, L-shapes and galleys, to island benches think about the arrangement that will work in your space.

Each layout has different advantages and restrictions. When renovating or extending, you could have the opportunity to expand your kitchen and include that island bench you always wanted.

If you are updating an existing kitchen, there may be some limits on the form it can take. However, proper planning and incorporating a range of space-saving tricks will help make the most of even the tightest kitchen spaces. 

What is an ergonomic kitchen, and why do I need one?

Achieving a practical kitchen is about more than just making sure you have enough room for all your pots and pans. It should be efficiently organized and comfortable to use. That is the aim of ergonomic kitchen design.

There are three key work points which we move between – the sink, the stove and the refrigerator; This is known as the kitchen triangle. An ergonomic design will ensure the right spacing and a clear path from one point to another. And, no through traffic cutting across the middle. Even as kitchens get more involved and we also think about dishwashers and other appliances, the basic principle remains. 

You also need to consider the ‘landing space’ around these points so that items can be placed and food preparations are done with ease. Enough bench space will ensure your kitchen work is more pleasure than juggle.

For storage, using slide-out shelves and draws can be more efficient and less taxing on the body than reaching to the back of dark cupboards. There are many great ways you can incorporate these to keep everything you need easily accessible.

Anyone who has experienced having to move their head out of the way to see what they are doing in a kitchen properly will understand the importance of good lighting. Benches and sink areas should be lit well with lighting under the upper cabinets, or adequately placed and directed ceiling lights.

Trenic Construction and Building are high-end builders with years of experience and a team that can guide you on these issues. We will help you achieve a solid ergonomic design that is going to make you love being in your kitchen.

What is important to you in the kitchen?

We don’t all use our kitchens the same way. Some of us love to pull everything imaginable out and revel in the creative process of cooking and experimenting. In contrast, maybe you are very orderly and prefer cooking to be a quick and efficient process.

Enjoy cooking together with your partner or family? You need to make sure your kitchen can handle a few bodies in the room together. 

Love to bake? Think about the size and type of oven you want. If you bake regularly, you might prefer a wall oven placed around chest height. Or two ovens if you are really keen.

Do you like all your tools on display and easy to reach for? Think about how magnetic knife holders, utensil hangers or a pot hanging rack could be incorporated. They can be great for saving precious bench and cupboard space.

Including a walk-in or butler’s pantry is an excellent way to keep food organized and all in one place, plus have an extra bench for food preparation. You can also keep some appliances ready for use like the toaster, rice cooker or a bread maker. Imagine during a dinner party being able to tuck everything unsightly behind a bi-fold or sliding door simply.

Maybe you consider having an eat-in space a necessity. A breakfast bar is a perfect option where a casual meal can be eaten. And, they are ideal for breakfast time too, of course.

Kitchen renovations – Choosing the right materials

The two big material decisions to make are the benchtops and the cupboard doors. They must complement each other, so you should consider them together. There is a wide range of options available to fit any budget. 

For a traditional feel consider timber style cabinet doors. Or, if you prefer a more minimal modern look, select a high gloss board with handle-less doors, or a two-pack finish. You can even opt for some open style shelving, to cut down on cabinet door costs. If you have dinnerware, you like to display. They can add real style.

Are you drawn to classic marble and stone benches? These are highly durable. There is good reason they remain popular in kitchens today. You don’t have to worry about putting a hot pan down on the stone. Or have any issues with water damage around your sink. There are now also a range of composite and engineered stone or even concrete options which offer similar durability to stone.

Laminates are hardier and offer many more finishes and colours than ever before. They also won’t threaten to consume your entire kitchen budget. And, if you like a warmer feel, a hardwood timber can make a lovely benchtop.  

Adding personal touches to kitchen renovations

After tackling the more practical matters of your kitchen design, you can think about some extra details to let your personality shine.

One great way to add a distinctive flair to a kitchen is with some bold dashes of colour. Give light neutrals a miss, and choose a warm olive green, charcoal grey or deep muted purple for your cabinets. 

Or, select a bold wall tone to offset timber cabinets. Be adventurous with some wallpaper. Think of a subtle tone on tone striped wallpaper to add a classy feel. Abstract geometric patterns or some casual fruit or flowers can give a quirky or retro vibe.

Your splashback is another opportunity to play. Consider a traditional patterned tile, sleek stainless, or the rich warmth of burnished brass.

Kitchen renovations Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast bringing it all together 

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into a kitchen. Trenic Construction and Building have completed many stunning kitchen renovations in Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. We can guide you to make the right kitchen design choices to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Get in touch with us and see how you can remodel and update your kitchen now. 


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