Heritage Renovations

Heritage Renovations

Heritage Renovations

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There is an undeniable charm and character to heritage homes. It is easy to be taken in by the ornate period features. Yet, we all want our fair share of modern conveniences as well.

A thoughtful heritage renovation will give you the right balance between the old and the new. With a solid respect for the history of the heritage home. Plus a keen understanding of what makes a house functional for today.

Trenic Construction and Building has extensive experience in transforming and renovating period Geelong homes. We will guide you to the perfect solution for your heritage property. Whatever your budget we can design and complete a renovation to suit.

It is important that a heritage renovation is approached with sensitivity. Consider what features are important to preserve and where you can expand and add modern touches.

Very often a heritage home already has layers of old renovations which have shaped its current form. At times these have followed trends and depart wildly from the character or era of the original structure. Considering the original era of the house and using that as a guide can help define the direction and scope of a renovation project.

We love returning period homes to their former glory. As well as bringing them up to date with a classy modern revamp.

 It starts with a stunning facade

This is literally the face of your home. The facade is the personality your home displays to the world. It can also reflect your own personality and showcase your style.

Whether you have a Californian bungalow, a Victorian cottage or a red brick Federation house they can all become worn with time. Repairing and maintaining the period architectural features of the facade is a great way to keep the distinctive period character of your home.

Installing completely new weatherboards, or adding some decorative ironwork can really enhance the appearance of your home. Paint it in a refreshed, but heritage inspired colour scheme, and you can make a bold aesthetic statement.

Bring out the heritage beauty of your home with tile work

Beautiful decorative tile work is one feature which always comes to mind when thinking of heritage homes.

There are several areas where tiles can be used to enhance the period ambience of your home. You can add richness and interest by selecting tiles for your bathroom, the kitchen or on the porch areas.

A traditional checked tile porch area will immediately give a warm and welcoming homely feel.
It will delight you every day, as well as your guests when they arrive.

A patterned tile in the bathroom is a wonderful way to keep the heritage character. Combine it with simple heritage inspired accessories and some wrought iron faucets. It will then blend naturally with the style of the rest of your home.

Details and finishes make the difference

It is often the details and decoration which we are drawn to in period homes. Beyond the tile work, there are many other areas where period details can be incorporated.

Consider the cornices and plasterwork in your home. These can be updated where they might have cracked or fallen into disrepair.

Doors, handles, fireplaces and window frames are all opportunities to maintain or add some heritage flair. If any of these were removed or built over in previous renovations, we can return them to attention grabbing features.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. A clean modern bed with bright block colour bedding can make an impressive counterpoint to a beautiful leadlight bay window seat with dreamy light curtains and textured scatter cushions.


With all those details you have lovingly selected you will need them installed with exceptional care and precision. It is the workmanship of period homes which we recognise as their mark of value.

Our team has a very high standard of workmanship and the skills to complete your heritage renovation project with all the attention to detail you expect.

Trenic Construction and Building is one of the most reliable and respected renovation builders Geelong has to offer. If your property is heritage listed or within a heritage area we can also guide you in meeting the relevant heritage restrictions and requirements.

Talk to us today about what we can do to enhance your heritage home.


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