Bathroom Renovations Geelong


Bathroom Renovations Geelong

23rd OF December

Bathroom renovations Geelong from old to new. When you think about where you begin your day and where you get ready for a cosy night in bed, what comes to mind? Yes, you got it right first time – the bathroom!

If your bathroom is cramped, dated, or just plain old tired and dreary, you need Trenic bespoke bathroom renovations to create a space that you enjoy. Trenic creates signature bathrooms for our clients in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, and the surrounding Surf Coast Region.

Whether the bathroom is for retail, residential, or the hospitality industry, the Trenic approach is to deliver to you a combination of high-quality products and outstanding design principles for a truly exceptional bathroom renovation in Geelong and beyond.

It doesn’t matter where you get the inspiration from for your new bathroom. It could be from a magazine, online bathroom renovation design site, or your own imagination. All that matters at the end of the day, is that your home or commercial space gets a bathroom designed and built that compliments your aesthetic and brings a smile to your face.

Are you maybe stuck for ideas as to which bathroom design to choose? Here are a few bathroom trend ideas for 2020. If you would like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter about home renovations and building designs for Geelong and its surrounding areas, please fill in your email address in our lightbox.

Bathroom Renovations in Geelong: Ideas for 2020

No lifestyle interior redo would be complete without mentioning how bathroom décor for 2020 has incorporated the widest colour palette imaginable. If your bathroom still houses an avocado bidet or paisley-pattern linoleum lined floor, then its time to ditch the old and allow these new ideas to change your perspective in bathroom interiors.

Dior Grey Bathrooms

Dior grey and all of the grey colour spectrum is associated with elegance, soothing ambience, and low-stated fashion. Grey will bring a certain harmonious calmness to your bathroom space. It is a beautiful complement to classic neutrals such as white and black. Choosing grey for any area of your house will increase its value and add loads to the desirability factor.

Dior: Grey: Image

Terrazo for All Surfaces

Terrazo is a mix of natural marble and stone, and it’s popping up everywhere in trendsetting bathrooms renovated and designed by the best builders. This material is perfect for flooring, shower walls, and shelves. It brings a regal touch of Italy as well as being long lasting and easily integrated into current structures. If the bathroom you have now is a homage to melamine and plastic, make 2020 the year you change that.

Tiny Bathroom? Huge Potential!

Redesigning and renovating a powder room is becoming a genius way to show off your imagination. They can sometimes look as great, if not better, than a full 4-piece bathroom. The trick is to opt for more luxurious materials because the space is small and compact, so price won’t be an issue. Exotic wallpaper, floor to ceiling tiles, and unique sinks are how to make the powder room in your house something your guests will be talking about when they come out.

Trenic Bathroom Designs and Renovations Geelong

From concept to reality, our bathroom building service in Geelong is there every step of the way.

  • Planning
  • Management
  • Site Foreman
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Tiler
  • Brick Layer and Plasterer
  • Project control and delivery that’s on time, on budget, and within requested scope.

The Trenic team’s wealth of experience means that we are ideally positioned to advise you on what are your best possible bathroom renovation options. We take into account your preferred design style, available space, budget, and what are the long-term plans for your home.

The Trenic service begins with a home or site visit (anywhere in the Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, and Surf Coast Region). This is where we evaluate the space and discuss your requirements. This will form the basis of a detailed structure and design that incorporates a floor plan, electrical plan, and specific elevations.

You will be able to envisage how your real bathroom will look at the end after you have made your final decisions from samples, materials, and products. We promise you a turnkey bathroom at the end when our renovation is complete. All you will need to do after we have left is to turn on the taps and have a shower.

From a simple consultation to a full bathroom renovation or building project, whatever you need to be done in the bathroom, Trenic can make it happen.

Trenic Bathroom Renovations Geelong

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Steven Quick on May 17, 2020, AT 01:05 pm

Hi, I am looking at getting a quote for a bath tub installation. This will also likely require a slight modification of the existing sink and vanity are as well. Thanks in advance.