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31st OF January

Custom builders Geelong; So, you’ve decided to build a home, not just a house. The next step is to decide what road you wish to embark on in order to achieve your vision. Once you have decided which road you will be taking you will then need to engage a custom builder who will guide you along the steps to reach your final destination – your dream home designed just for you and your family. Trenic Construction and Building can assist you as they deliver a wide range of services. These services are:

  • Deck construction
  • Sub-division
  • Townhouse construction
  • Heritage renovations
  • Extension construction
  • Sloping block construction specialists
  • New homes

There are numerous custom builders in Geelong and the Surf Coast catering to various locations and building styles, whether the chosen style is modern, coastal or traditional. Custom builders construct homes to meet an individual’s or family’s needs. Whether it be a new build, an extension or remodelling to an existing home, a custom builder will share your journey to guide you to the best conclusion for you and your family.

New homes may be custom built to complement their surroundings. The end result being a unique property that is either at home in its chosen location, blending seamlessly into the landscape or boldly claiming its space and demanding attention.  If you have a unique building site that requires specialised building techniques in order to achieve your dream then Trenic Construction and Building could be the experienced custom builder for you. A custom builder will incorporate functionality into a design, utilising up-to-date methods and materials to achieve the required function and aesthetic, as well as increase efficiency, whilst meeting new compulsory building ratings.

Remodelling of an existing home can be an effective solution for people who wish to stay in a property and location, but the property requires updates to the current design layout to increase efficiency and breathe new life into a space. The outcome can be a wonderful blend of original features with modern updates that bring enjoyment and functionality back to a favourite living area. Remodelling can also add substantial value to an existing property in an established, well-serviced area.

Extensions can provide much-needed extra room to an existing property to cater for a growing family or a family’s changing needs. Existing space can be repurposed to maintain and improve a home’s functionality. Extensions can be matched to existing spaces by using relevant construction styles and features to provide a seamless continuation of the original property. Heritage properties can gain substantial value when extensions are completed with care and consideration to the property’s original character. Trent Comelli from Trenic Construction and Building has experience with heritage and period home extensions and renovations and would be happy to discuss any proposals with you.

Custom Builders Geelong

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